Mosh Potatoes!

“I started it over five years ago until today! I hope people go into the stores and buy it!”

Mosh Potatoes author Steve Seabury sounds fairly jovial for the time of 11am, which we all know is certainly NOT heavy metal time.

That’s because Seabury’s first heavy metal cookbook is officially out on this day of our interview. His labor of love is in the stores, and Seabury is sufficiently pumped about it.

“I started with the bands I worked with,: begins Seabury excitedly about the book’s origins, “and emailed all the bands who I knew. People like Zakk Wylde and such. They thought it was a great idea, and the word just got out and people wanted to be a part of it! I received over 300 recipes from different bands, and it got pretty crazy! I was firing ‘em up in the kitchen, trying them out, and some were better than others. Overall, I had to narrow it down for Simon and Schuster to what it is today: 147. It took me a while to get the recipes, but it took me a lot longer to get someone to put it out!”

Indeed, but perseverance seems to have paid off for Seabury, for Simon and Schuster is one of THE most recognizable names within the book publishing field.

“It’s so weird,” admits Seabury, “because I’ve always had to take artists around working in the music industry at record labels, so these guys treating me like an artist feels weird…but so fucking awesome! They’ve been awesome. Just this morning I woke up, and got like eight different congratulatory emails from Simon and Schuster! They’re stoked on it, and I think they’re having fun with it; it’s something different. It got depressing, man, because I pitched this book for five years and got turned down by EVERYONE. I started at Random House, working to John’s Bargain Book publishing in the basement, and they all pretty much said ‘fuck off.’ Then morning, my agent called and told me we had an offer from Simon and Schuster! I couldn’t believe it, and they’ve been so cool, man. They’re jazzed on it, and it’s made perfect sense. I’m lucky to have Simon and Schuster behind me.”

With such a solid buzz behind the book, and Mosh Potatoes’ cross-selection of recipes from heavy metal’s biggest ‘n best, the whole affair seems like a dream come true for a humble metal fan who moved to New York City with just his big dreams for company.

My love of music started when I was eight years old picking up the saxophone!” explains Seabury. “I went to college with my sax, took a bunch of business courses and went to work at a recording studio with Alex Perialas for a couple years. I found out pretty quick that I actually did NOT like the recording studio very much! I really respect the job and love the studio, but my ear wasn’t what I thought it was with regards to frequencies, so I made my way to the city to work for a label. He called up some friends for me and I got an internship over at Mayhem Records in ’96. That was tough, man. I basically moved to New York City with my stereo, a couple of CDs, my guitar, a chair and a sleeping bag! I lived like a dog in a studio apartment for six months before I could afford to buy a couch! After about seven or eight months of interning, I finally got a job at the record company, and I couldn’t believe I was finally making money.”

He continues, “I went from Mayhem to Spitfire Records, then to Concrete Marketing, which was very cool. From there it was Artemis Records, and now I’m starting up my own label called Giddy Up! Records. I just put out my fourth release a couple weeks ago from Place of Skulls, and I have my own management deal and this book, so I’m pretty pumped! I’m also doing this company called Giddy Up! Sauces, which is going to be pretty cool. A lot of the bands would sent me their hot sauces, and I was blown away as to how good some of them were, so I pitched this idea of this rock and roll outlaw condiment line, so next year I’m going to have my sauces in grocery stores and restaurants across the country! In addition to all this I also play music in my doom band Moth Eater.”

Though the metal scene has already witnessed one underground cookbook in the shape of Annick Giroux’s Hellbent For Cooking, Seabury’s entry into the field is a bit more approachable in scope, and seems set to open the floodgates for a whole new market of books aimed at heavy metal ‘foodie’ culture. This being said, however, Seabury isn’t really surprised at the amount of metal peeps coming out of the woodwork as massive food fans.

“You know,” says Steve, “I was talking about this the other day with someone who mentioned how all of these television chefs seem to be the new rock stars, and it’s true! The Food Network is almost like the food porn channel! I think it’s great, though, man. I mean, who doesn’t love good food? I think it’s good for metal and food; it makes sense to marry the two. The Grill ‘Em All guys won that Food Network Food Truck Race, and they’re good buds. They have their own sauce called Grandma’s Mosh Pit BBQ sauce, and Giddy Up! Sauces is going to be distributing it! All us brothers in metal have to stick together! Plus, someone just told me recently how there’s two more metal cookbooks coming out next year! I hope there’s more after THAT! If it’s good for metal, it’s good for all of us!”

He adds, “As far as being approachable goes: I love to cook, but I’m not a chef, man. These are legit, family style recipes, and I knew that if I could make them with ease, ANYONE could…and that’s how I think Mosh Potatoes stands out. Hellbent For Cooking was a great cookbook, too, man. I don’t know how her book did, but I love it! I hope that MTV or Food Network will do a metal cooking show, and I’ve been pitching them the idea. I’ve been in some talks, and there seems to be some buzz about turning this book into a television show, so I have my fingers crossed! I don’t wanna jinx it, but I think it’s gonna happen!”

One other thing which sets Mosh Potatoes apart is the fact that Seabury is donating a portion of his own proceeds to Meals On Wheels, something which the author is very passionate about, personally.

“Yes, it took me five years to put this out and I worked really hard, but it’s not Steve Seabury’s cookbook: its heavy metal’s cookbook. It’s all the brothers; it’s EVERYONE’S cookbook. Meals On Wheels really grabbed me, because they sent out a million meals a day to senior citizens. These people fought for our country and built our country, and they can’t even afford a meal? Fuck that; I’m going to contribute as best I can, and let’s have metal put food on their table!”

Written by MetalGeorge

Simon and Schuster were originally going to put in some black and white photos for me, but I knew it would look like dogshit. I did a lot of research, and black and white photos in the books I saw just didn’t look good. I thought it would be cooler having the actual dudes in the band whipping these recipes up. That was one of the hardest parts, actually, rounding up all the photos. A lot of the band’s tried sending me promo shots, but I knew it wouldn’t work.

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